MT5 Technical Analysis

CFDpremium software for technical analysis is powered by Autochartist. Its purpose is to assist informed trading decisions, based on ongoing market monitoring and trade setup information.

Aurochartist is a strong pattern recognition software which makes technical analysis easier. It finds hundreds of opportunities for trading, using key support and resistance levels. The algorithm monitors markets around the clock and generates alerts when it recognises opportunities.

The algorithm includes the possibility to filter trade setups based on success probability (estimated on the basis of past performance). It thus provides traders with the opportunity to easily find opportunities. Users can pre-define a minimum probability level of between 60 and 80 percent, and get signals with the respective historical success probability.

Daily Market Reports

You can sign up and receive daily market reports, summarizing important economic events and trading opportunities you can act on, depending on your preferred trading session. Trades can be carried out directly from the received email, without opening MT5.

Technical Indicators

When new and finalized Chart Patterns (Triangles, Wedges, Tops and Bottoms) are recognized, you can receive automated notifications.

Volatility Analysis

The Volatility Analysis feature helps you choose the best take profit and stop loss levels for you, on the basis of predicted market volatility. You can thus observe the time of day during which markets are at highest volatility levels, and learn to pick instruments within the risk parameters you deem acceptable.

Chief Benefits:

You can make wiser choices – you will get information that can improve your strategy.

Discover new opportunities – emerging and complete patterns will result in alerts to you

Work quicker – the tool will identify the patterns and key levels for you

Spend nothing – the tool is free for our customers

Enjoy flexibility – the tool adapts all trader levels, and is available in 11 languages

Benefit from swift access – it takes minutes to install the tool and access the web application and MetaTrader 5 Plugin

Explore the Autochartist MT5 Plugin

You will have an overview of the whole market and discover new opportunities to trade

Explore the Autochartist Web App

Trade setups will be automatically identified, so you can be informed in your choices

Note that the demo version works with a delay of 5 candles.

You can not reliably use past performance to predict future performance

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