Introducing Brokers

You want to make your Business bigger? Work with CFDpremium

CFDpremium in short

We are experienced – we have dealt with CFDs and Forex for 15 years

We have developed a great number of informational and educational tools for you

We offer leveraged trading, through which you can easily access big markets

Would you like to become part of our IB (introducing Broker) activities?

It’s a great idea if:

You have been offering training in the training sector

You provide signals

You have experience in providing services with added value for traders

You can provide links to future clients

Lucrative endeavour

As an introducing Broker, you will receive from us a higher amount than from most major Forex enterprises

Reliable pay

We at CFDpremium know that IBs are central for our trading, and we have therefore allocated significant human resources, in order to guarantee you timely and complete remuneration.

CFDpremium depends on IBs for the vast majority of its trading turnover. We have considerable administrative resources dedicated to making sure you are paid on time and in full.

Exclusive attributes

Copykat Trader
Guardian Angel

Webinars in the language you speak!

The biggest, most attractive network!

Our network of IBs spans the world

We are the first choice for most IBs!

We help you secure a successful future!

An overview of Partnership Programs

Introducing Brokers (IBs)

We value our IBs and provide them with real revenue. We approach you uniquely, offering assistance with the marketing and business elements of your endeavour, so that we enhance it!


If you are our affiliate, and direct traffic online towards us, we will improve your possibilities for revenue. We will allocatea dedicated account manager for you, and you will be able to benefit from a vast number of media tools.

Money Managers

The money management instruments of CM Trading can be a way for you to offer your service to us, if you would like to act like EA Developer or Money/Fund Manager.

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